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Smackdown: Adam Crabb vs. Michael English, “Please Forgive Me”

A limited edition recording of the new Gaither Vocal Band has been leaked to Youtube. The report is that this table project will not be sold in any common retail outlets, so if you happen to grab a copy at a concert, congratulations! There’s no new material, just slightly different vocal arrangements over pre-existing tracks for songs like “My Lord and I,” “Why Me, Lord?” and “The Baptism of Jesse Taylor.” One of the songs being re-done is “Please Forgive Me?” Of course, this is a Crabb Family original, but the Gaither Vocal Band’s arrangement upped the vocal ante several notches. It’s interesting to hear Adam Crabb take over what has now become a Michael English signature tune. Take a listen to the new lineup’s take on it:

As an extra little bonus, here is some live footage of the current lineup on the dramatic breakdown:

Now refresh your memory on Michael English’s version. Which do you prefer?


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Kickstart Something Good: Jean Watson

For those who are weary of the pablum now paraded as “music” on the airwaves of mainstream and Christian music alike, I offer an alternative: Jean Watson, a gifted singer/songwriter who also happens to be a dear friend of mine. Her style is clear, contemplative CCM, much like Fernando Ortega. She is a classically trained singer and violinist, and she enjoys an active ministry both in America and in the U.K. On her two latest projects—one Christmas and one original worship—she has teamed up with some of the best talent in Nashville, including producer Bill Smiley (WhiteHeart, Steven Curtis Chapman, Johnny Cash, Bebe & Cece Winans, Gaither Vocal Band, 4Him, and more), drummer Steve Brewster (Bob Seger, Chicago, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Faith Hill, Richard Marx), and most excitingly, Phil Keaggy on a fresh arrangement of the carol “Do You Hear What I Hear?” Jean aims to help fund both records at once through a Kickstarter campaign she is calling “The Sound of Heaven.” She writes:

The greatest challenge for me in creating this project is simply financial. Whatever I have to pay towards the cost of production, manufacture, artwork, photography, travel, etc, etc, simply puts a burden on the ministry which provides the bulk of my income. I desire to be in a place where I am not hindered by any debt and can give away as much of my ministry proceeds as possible!

The total cost of ‘The Sound of Heaven Project’ is projected at approximately $40,000 which includes all expenses from start to finish. Kickstarter is a great way to raise funds for projects like this, but if I don’t raise the whole $14,000 that I am asking for to help me, I get nothing! Kickstarter will help me meet as many of those expenses as possible so I can focus on MINISTRY, not money! :)

Reading the numbers closely should impress upon us all just how difficult it is to be an independent artist in today’s economy. As you can see, this Kickstarter campaign won’t cover half of her costs even if it’s successful. But it will be a significant help. Click here to back her project, and if you want to hear her music, you should go to her website. The soundtrack to the promo video is music by Hillsong, not Jean. Here is one of her original songs:


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New Favorite Female Singer

Last year’s American Idol recently paid a guest visit to this year’s stage. This is the first time I got a really good listen to her voice, and I have to say: wow. Her new album just dropped at the end of last month. Candice Glover, everyone! It’s just too bad she’s going into R&B and not gospel. What a voice. One wonders if the judges were thinking, “Shoot, do we have any  finalists this year who even come close?” Try to ignore the dumb graphics on song two. (My preferred solution is to focus intently on Keith Urban’s head-bobbing.)


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Goodbye Promise Trio, You Were Great

I know I said at the beginning of my 12 Essential Tracks of Christmas that I would provide a list of 12 more tracks that missed the cut. But since the series didn’t generate that many views, I thought I would dive right back into our regular programming instead, because I suspect y’all are ready to rotate Christmas music out of your mixes right about now. I have to admit that I am too. But feel free to e-mail if you would like to see the list. :)

I wanted to take a moment to pay tribute to a young trio that recently disbanded after nearly four years in the business. That group is Promise Trio. The pressures of personality, life on the road, and making a profit in a rocky economy doubtless all contributed to the various group changes and the final decision to dissolve. I thought Promise had great potential from day one and remained consistently excellent for the group’s brief lifespan. It was originally founded as Statement of Faith by Jacob Kitson, who stepped down from Greater Vision at Chris Allman’s return. He, brother Joe and baritone Jon Epley (who just had a fantastic year with the Inspirations and now sings bass for them), recorded just one CD in 2010 before Epley was snapped up by the legendary group. However, the song “Masterpiece of Mercy” would later land on a Booth Brothers recording. Youtuber cbcacs has some good footage of a concert by this lineup. Continue reading


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Signature Sound, The High Kings, and Musical Heritage

This little post started as a longish “Recently Added” entry about a young Irish folk band called The High Kings. But it quickly blossomed into something more. As I traced the evolution and growth of the band, I began noticing a lot of similarities between this group and our own Signature Sound in southern gospel. Both groups play a very similar role in their respective genres, bringing old music to a younger generation while trying to retain their own artistic identity. Before I knew it, I was writing a mini-dissertation on marketing, musical artistry, and the heritage of traditional music. So, come along with me for the ride, and discover some great new music at the same time! I’ll leave you to savor it for a little bit while I spend the next week cramming for finals and going to Christmas parties.

Signature Sound
L to R: Doug Anderson, Paul Harkey, Ernie Haase, Devin McGlamery

The High Kings
L to R: Darren Holden, Martin Furey, Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy

Continue reading

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Perfect Tenor Performances: Gus Gaches, “Holy Is Thy Name”

When I first heard Gus Gaches’s voice, he vaulted into my personal top five southern gospel tenors practically overnight. It was instant fanhood. Some tenor singers take a little time to grow on you, but it’s hard not to be quickly won over by Gus’s pure, smooth tones. He’s very steady and clean, and he retains a full sound even in his upper register (though he wisely chooses not to push himself past a high D or so, to preserve tone quality). He may not be the most rangy or powerful tenor, but he has the complete package. Check out this performance of “Holy Is Thy Name”:


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Mike Rogers Joins Brian Free & Assurance

I remember noticing Mike Rogers as a solid young lead with the Dixie Melody Boys at last year’s NQC. His contributions helped make their set one of the highlights of the convention for me. Now he’s taken a step up, filling BFA’s recently vacated baritone position. I had trouble finding videos that really showcased Mike’s voice, but here’s a nice video of him singing “Daystar” with DMB. Note that he’s also accompanying himself on guitar—very rare to see in a southern gospel quartet. Maybe he can bring his guitar skills to BFA and freshen up their tracks-only program a bit.

Mike is a young artist to watch, and I hope he sticks around for a while! Although I liked Derrick Selph, it seems from this clip alone that Mike’s voice has greater range and flexibility. Here’s what Brian had to say about the hire (revealing in the process that yes, ladies, he is married):

When I received the audition info for Mike I was very impressed with his vocal ability and the gift to deliver a song. After spending some time with him, his wife Bekki and daughter Coraline at my home, I knew he was the one God had sent to be a member of our family. I love his heart and the love he has for people. He will be a wonderful addition to BFA.

Having over 300 people apply for the job, it was a hard decision due to all the talent I heard. I want to thank each person who took their time and effort to apply for the position. I am truly honored that so many wanted to be a part of our ministry. I know God has a place and time for you to use your talent for him.

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Perfect Tenor Performances: Chris Allman, “His Eye is On the Sparrow”

I started this series a while [read, two years] ago. For those who can’t remember when or why I started it up, I started it to honor those tenors who measure up to my pretty strict standards of what a great tenor should sound like. When done right, the tenor is my favorite part. In this series, I choose a performance where I can’t think of ANYTHING I would change—not one little nit-pick. And that’s saying a lot.

Previous installments have featured Brian Free, Terry Franklin, and David Phelps. For today’s installment, here is, in my opinion, one of the most naturally gifted and pleasing tenors in SG right now—ladies and gentlemen give it up for CHRIS ALLMAN!


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GaitherVevo Previews Pure and Simple DVD

Here are some clips from the most recent Gaither DVD, the GVB’s Pure and Simple, live. I’ve been really enjoying these sneak peeks. I was especially glad to see “Road to Emmaus,” since I had not heard that song in the version of the album that I listened to:

Here’s one of my favorites, “Winds of This World”:

Here’s “The Love of God”:

Here’s “Cup of Sorrow,” for which I especially enjoyed seeing the live instrumentation:


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High Quality Video from EHSS LiveStream Concert

I just uploaded some Signature Sound videos to Godtube for your viewing pleasure, captured from the livestream at FCC on Saturday. These are shared by permission from Ernie Haase. Happy viewing!

[Update: FCC has asked me to remove the videos from Godtube. I believe there's a misunderstanding about the arrangement I had with Ernie's team, but I've honored the request. FCC itself has uploaded "Glory to God in the Highest" on their channel.]



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