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Vote for Legacy Five’s New CD Cover

Legacy Five is asking for your input on what the cover of their upcoming project Great Day should look like. Click here to cast your vote out of three options. Majority opinion is favoring the wide shot over two close-ups. Even though I voted for one of the close-ups, the wide shot is growing on me. I like the look of the shadows on the floor. The guys also look a bit more comfortable. ;-)

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Opposition Should Be Made of Sterner Stuff

I think we could learn a few things about appropriate, forceful, needed criticism from this guy. Folks, this is not the time to play nice. This is the time to play hardball. See also the video below, which was actually recorded before President Obama’s latest tantrum. (Yes, Dear Leader has been quite busy paying people to make sure nobody can park at the privately owned Mt. Vernon site, paying people to stop World War II veterans from visiting the World War II memorial, paying people to cordon off and monitor a large swatch of the Florida Bay, and on and on the pettiness goes. Because they just don’t have the money to… oh wait, never mind. But remember boys and girls, this is all the House of Representatives’ fault!) This was Bill Whittle’s take on Obama’s last circus act, the sequester, words which could just as well be spoken today.

This is the most petty, malicious, mean-spirited, cowardly and hateful thing that this petty, malicious, mean-spirited, cowardly and hateful President has done. He’s deliberately inflicting as much pain on the American people as he can possibly muster so he can accelerate our way into bankruptcy. He’s doing his best to make it hurt…

I thought of the part where Whittle speaks of the children whose tours to the White House were canceled, “who so desperately wanted to see the House in which they mistakenly believed lived a great, good and powerful man…” when I saw this video some months back:

This video simply angers and saddens me. It angers and saddens me to see how this poor little boy is being used—as a symbol, as a token, as an innocent mouthpiece for an evil empire which even now is laying the groundwork for destroying his future, and his children’s future. I am deeply angry when I think of the lies he has been fed and taught to repeat—how the President is a wonderful man, a harbinger of hope, Emmanuel, God with us.

But by all means, if you want to go on saying that everybody just needs to get into a big ole group hug and sing “We Are the World” a few times, so that all their “differences” can disappear in a pink cloud of sweetness and light, be my guest.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to look for a few hundred millstones.

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When Jim Caviezel Met Jimmy Stewart

I just… can’t… take… the awesomeness!

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The Akins Sing “God Bless America” in front of the White House

I thought this might cheer somebody up today:


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Saturday Musing: I Don’t Have Time!

As I seek to manage my time better, I’ve been reminded over and over of something I’ve always known but have been reluctant to admit at times. Have you discovered this for yourselves? Here’s the secret I’ve learned: You always have more time to do worthwhile things than you think. How many times do we say, to ourselves or others, “Man I just don’t have time for x or y,” when really it wouldn’t take as much time as we think to do x or y?

For example, do you know how many chapters of the Bible you can read in half an hour? Okay, maybe Leviticus doesn’t count, but take a normal book like Proverbs or something. Maybe you tell yourself your schedule just doesn’t allow you time to be in the Word. But you could probably get through ten chapters in just fifteen minutes. Or if meditation is your goal, think what you could get out of a single chapter in fifteen minutes of undivided focus and attention.

Maybe the thought of cleaning your house daunts you. But if you pick just one small room, you could probably do what needs to be done to get it clean in less than an hour. If you don’t have even an hour to spare during the week, set it aside for a weekend. Again, you’re probably assuming it’s going to take longer than it actually does.

On the flip side, we often underestimate the time it takes to waste time. “I need a break—I’ll just watch this 45-minute episode of my favorite show. WOAH, what an awesome twist! I gotta finish the finale to see what happens… oh gosh, I guess I just spent an hour and a half there didn’t I? Well, hehe, time sure flies when you’re having fun.” Or how about this: “I’m just booping around the net to see what’s interesting in the world… Hey, I never knew that blah-blah-blah! I should find out more about that. Oooooh, this new artist sounds cool, let’s go see what else they’ve done.” And… there goes your one free afternoon of the week.

I admit this isn’t as much of a problem for people who have a serious, full-time job and maybe a family as well. You’ve got plenty of serious things to keep you busy. I guess this is geared more towards younger people like me, who are busy enough that time is valuable, but not so busy that you don’t have any time to kill. Did I hit close to home for anyone? Any other pearls of wisdom you’d like to share?


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Music: The Quickening Art

This recent video demonstrates an experiment that was done on an old man in a nursing home. He was inert and unresponsive… until he was given an ipod and a pair of headphones so he could listen to the music he loved as a young man.

Watch what happens, and be in awe:


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If You Should Happen to Have a Linksys Router…

…and if it starts giving you a “possible web threat” warning with certain wordpress sites (like mine, for example), it’s the router’s problem. Yesterday I started being blocked from my blog and other sites connected to wordpress, telling me it wasn’t safe. Then we figured out that nobody had hacked into anything and it was a false positive.

It appears to be a problem unique to linksys, and I’m not sure what’s causing the “allergy” now. But, if any of you should have that brand of router and are experiencing the same issue, don’t be alarmed. Just turn the router off, then back on again, and you shouldn’t have the problem anymore.

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