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I’m the blogger sometimes known as Southern Gospel Yankee, yankeegospelgirl, or by name ’round the interwebs as Esther O’Reilly. I’m a promoter of southern gospel music, but I’m also an old soul with many interests. If you’re a first-time visitor, thanks for reading! Check out my “About” page, follow me on Youtube, and browse around in the filing cabinet for my musings on music, movies, faith & culture, and old stuff. Whether you’re a fan of southern gospel or just another old soul like me, I hope you like what you see! God bless.


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Announcing Two Weeks of Guest Posts

Work and study commitments are leaving me with less free time, so I have enlisted the capable aid of fellow young bloggers Brian Fuson (Fuson’s Findings) and Lauren of Southern Gospel Views From the Pew to fill in the gaps here for the next two weeks. I’m sure you will appreciate their passion for and knowledge of this music as much as I do!  There will still be a light video on Mondays (look for a vintage songwriting spoof next week), and then Brian and Lauren will each contribute one guest post per week, reviewing some music and offering concert reports. Lauren plans to catch both Brian Free & Assurance and the Whisnants. I will continue to moderate comments, so please feel free to leave your thoughts under their posts. I know they’ll appreciate it. Check out their own sites too while you’re at it!

Thanks for your continued readership. See you at the end of July!


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I’m Back, With Survey Results!

Thank you to all those who participated in my little reader survey. I’m back from my short hiatus with survey results and lots of writing ideas! The other day, the number of participants reached 50, which is a nice round little number, so I thought I would close the poll on that note. (If you wanted to vote but didn’t get a chance, feel free to comment below with your answers.) Some results were expected, some surprising. In fact, I am embedding one additional question on a question here, since the result I got was so unexpected that it appears I needed to broaden my options selection!

Here is what I discovered about you all, my dear readers. I learned in stats class that 50 is an indicative sample, so that’s how I will treat it in this report:

1. I discovered that a little over 1/3 of you identify yourselves with some “Other” denomination than one of the options I gave, which is exactly as many as identified Baptist. So, clearly I need a follow-up question: If you chose “Other,” or if you didn’t take the survey because it looked too long and strange but you can find time for a single question, please select which “Other” you are, if not Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist or Pentecostal. I think I know which one I forgot that was getting all the votes, but I’ll see if my hunch shakes out here:

2. I discovered that nearly half of you are over 50, with the 31-50 demographic a distant second.

3. I discovered that in the car, 2/3 of you reach for Southern Gospel (you think maybe?) but curiously, the distant second place went not to one of the other genres I provided, but to something “Other.” Presumably this would include jazz, pop, classical, chorale, and other genres I left out. Sadly, it appears that none of you reach for classic rock! Ah well, just because that’s what reach for…

4. I discovered that an overwhelming majority of you, 83%, identify as “right or right-leaning.” No surprise there, what I am surprised about is that I have anyone still reading who is “left or left-leaning!” Furthermore, I was surprised to note that all five readers who chose that option were over 50, while I think all but one reader under the age of 30 identified as right-leaning.

5. Tastes were split pretty evenly on movies/TV, with “family” just edging out comedy and drama at 29%, 23% and 21% respectively.

6. About 2/3 of you are yourselves musically inclined, which I was happy to see.

7. More of you drew a blank on who John Piper and Andy Stanley are (60%) than on Star Wars and Star Trek (42%)! But Andy Stanley and Star Wars nosed forward among those who did have an opinion.

8. At least 39% of you hadn’t even heard of the Discovery Institute, with 53% going decisively for Answers in Genesis. One thing that interested me was that Answers in Genesis got votes even among those identifying as “left-leaning” or “other” politically. Not that I consider the Discovery Institute “left-leaning” by any means (don’t confuse them with Peter Enns and the hacks at Biologos!), but I just see AiG types being targeted even more often and more vitriolically by those on the left. However, for those of you who would like a little more information about Discovery and their work both in the area of intelligent design and economics, here is their website.

9. 3/4 of you duked it out over Perry Mason vs. Columbo, and it was a heated battle but Perry Mason received one vote more. I was interested to see that about half of my younger readers were NOT left scratching their heads on this particular question!

10. The Cathedrals beat Gold City hands down. It wasn’t even close.

11. 88% of you offered your opinion on Beach Boys vs. Beatles, and after a competitive race, the boys of California just squeaked past the boys of Liverpool.

12. 86% of you weighed in on Elvis vs. Johnny Cash, and the King scored a decisive 60% victory.


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Reader Survey!

[This survey is now closed.]

Hi everyone! This is finals week, so I’m going to be taking a bit of a break from the blogosphere. I hope to return some time next week, when I will hopefully have written a review of the Mark Trammell Quartet concert I attended recently, a review of God’s Not Dead, a review of another Christian movie recently released on video that I’m very excited about but will leave nameless as a teaser, and who knows what else? Meanwhile, I’m conducting a little reader survey. My corner of the web gets traffic from a few different “streams” out there (most recently/bizarrely, my post on the blasphemy of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” has gotten hundreds of hits from a Canadian Huffington Post piece), and so I’m curious to get a rough idea of how many people I’m either engaging, offending, or boring to tears with a given post. For a few options, I have added a “What?” or a “Who?” which is NOT meant to insult anybody who isn’t wondering! It is merely an attempt to encompass as many people as possible…younger, older,  etc. Most of the questions are musical, but there are also a few more general questions.

All info is collected anonymously, but if you simply don’t want to answer something, the survey will let you skip it.

Have fun! Click below the fold for the survey. I believe results don’t show up for third party viewers, but I’ll provide stats once I return to blogging and close it. Continue reading

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Related Videos On Embeds

This is a quick note to inform you that it appears I no longer have control over whether or not an embedded video’s related videos appear on my site after the clip has finished playing. I’m very annoyed about this, because sometimes I can embed a perfectly good video that has something inappropriate in the sidebar. For a long time there’s been a feature enabling me to cut all that out when I embed. Now, apparently, I can’t anymore. In light of this, I will try to be especially careful to choose versions of videos that don’t have foul words or images right in related vid preview stills. Just be warned that so-called “related videos” can sometimes be completely unrelated. It could be a song that’s currently “hot” and has NOTHING to do with the clip I embedded! (Although some genuinely related videos might contain inappropriate content too, e.g., a song I do NOT endorse by a non-Christian artist I happen to like.)

Piggy-backing off that last point, please also keep in mind that if it’s Monday Morning Humor, and there’s a related video from the same source I took a clip from, that related video may not be appropriate! I pick and choose “funnies” from a variety of sources, some of which are not Christian. So DON’T assume that I am recommending an entire show, group or comedian because I posted a couple good things from them.

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All Hail to Chrome Nanny

With a hat tip to Tim Challies, who always has good tips about time management, I’ve discovered the Internet monitoring tool I’ve always been looking for: Chrome Nanny. It’s constructed to help those of us who are a little less controlled than the rest of you in our compulsory Internet-surfing habits. You can block out times of day when certain sites are not allowed, allow yourself only limited amounts of time per session, or arrange so that certain sites are blocked all the time. I started using it the other day, and I’m impressed! Also courtesy of Challies, I set it up to redirect me to this page. A very nice motivational message for people like me who need it.

Of course, there are ways to get around it, but as a demotivator, Chrome Nanny is designed to generate a long, random string of variables which must be accurately typed out (no cut and paste!) in order to allow me to change my settings. They’ve judged smartly that most folks will probably give up 32 characters in and decide it’s not worth it just to snatch a few extra moments on twitter!

If any of my Chrome-using readers feel they could use a bit of nannying to nudge them towards greater productivity, I highly recommend this tool.

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Poll and Discussion: Blog Atmosphere

Every blog has its own atmosphere. Even within just one particular field of interest, atmospheres can vary wildly. Witness the variety of blogs under the banner of southern gospel: Nobody could ever mistake Southern Gospel Blog, Musicscribe, An Artist’s Perspective or Averyfineline for each other.

Some of these blogs cover absolutely nothing but southern gospel music, or things that could be related to southern gospel in some way (like discussing groups or songs that could plausibly cross over or already have done so). Examples would be the aforementioned Southern Gospel Blog (with the exception of a weekly devotional and book review), Southern Gospel Critique, Nate’s Southern Gospel Ponderings, or Swain’s Musings. Others like Burke’s Brainwork are nearly entirely focused on southern gospel but just occasionally take a break for something like sports, secular music, etc. Others are more unpredictable, still having a strong focus on southern gospel but covering a broad range of topics that interest the author. Friday Night Revival falls into this category, as do I, and to some extent Musicscribe as well (though that blog maintains a predominant focus on music, as opposed to film, books, politics, etc.)

This last category is comfortable for me because I get to write about one very strong interest (southern gospel), but I also enjoy the freedom to explore other interests. That’s why I don’t have an “off topic” category for the blog—anything could be a topic! Good literature, good movies, good music of all kinds… I crave these things like chocolate, and I love to share my love for them with my readers. I also offer political and theological insight when I see an opportunity to speak truth, particularly on relevant topics in the church and the world today.

What I’m curious about is how this atmosphere suits my readers. I realize that not everybody is interested in everything, yet I  have tried to maintain regular southern gospel posting to keep fans of the music coming back for my perspective on it. And yet I like the atmosphere of variety, because I like writing about a variety of things. It suits me. The question is, does it suit you?

Here are two polls that’ll help me gauge where my readers are coming from on this. I’d also love to hear more detailed feedback in the comments. Just be candid, and as long as your thoughts are constructive, I’ll welcome them.


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Southern Gospel Yankee Turns One!

Well, I made it! My first year with my own blog. I can’t tell you all how grateful I am for your readership, your interest, and your comments. Over the past year, I’ve invited various people to check out what I write, but every now and again I ask myself “Why?” Well truthfully, I want to encourage people, and I particularly want to encourage artists whose music I enjoy. But there’s a punchier (and not necessarily untrue) answer as well, which is that I’ve got a lot to say about a lot of stuff, and I want the rest of the world to know it! But then you wonder, “Am I just talking to myself? Is there anyone out there who actually gives a hoot what I think about anything?”

That’s where you come in. Every bit of positive feedback I get means something to me. It tells me I’m doing something right. It tells me someone’s reading and enjoying what he reads. And it tells me someone would be genuinely disappointed if I shut everything down. (On the other hand, constructive criticism is welcome too, with an emphasis on the constructive part. Later some time this week or next week I’ll open up a thread where you can offer comments on what you like/dislike about the blog and where you might like to see it go.)

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank some special people who have graciously given of their time and support to me over this past year. They deserve to be acknowledged by name. So, in no particular order, I would like to thank…

Terry Franklin: For being, quite simply, one of the best men I know. I can’t thank you enough for your readership, your encouragement of me in my singing and writing, your time, and your friendship. I am deeply humbled and deeply grateful.

Dianne Wilkinson: For being my sweet, honorary Southern grandma. Thank you for reading, for telling me I can write songs, and for sharing your wisdom with me.

Michael Booth: For telling me that I have a purpose and that I’m fulfilling it well. And for singing a duet with me. :)

Kevin Williams: For being as sweet as you are hilarious. I can’t believe you actually remembered who I was and handed me free music at the Christmas Homecoming. Thanks for being my fan. I assure you the feeling is mutual.

Buddy Greene: For giving me free music, for reading, and for being the means of Steve Green leaving a comment on my blog. :-o To know that you’re reading makes me slightly nervous but very honored as well!

Ernie Haase: For your readership and continued support. And for singing a duet with me. :)

The Other Signature Sound Guys: For being sweet and supportive and letting me interview you. Y’all rock.

Wendy Wills and Lyn Rowell: For being willing to go behind one of the best songs of 2011 with me. Thanks to Wendy in particular for your continued correspondence and friendship.

Jim Stover: For your enthusiastic support and encouragement. We are kindred spirits. :)

I also want to thank the other southern gospel bloggers who’ve allowed me to fit right in—DBM, Swain, Burke, all you guys. You make me feel cool. :) Special shout-out to me Irish matey across the sea, Phil. It was fun to get know you this year.

Also, a shout-out to all the artists who have sent me their music for review. Because after all, without southern gospel music, there are no southern gospel bloggers.


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What I Discovered On My Hiatus, and Belated Happy Reformation Day/Halloween

I’m baaaaaaack! Before setting my nose to ye olde grindstone again, I shall present some random things I learned on my hiatus from blog-dom. They may be of some use to my readers. Or not. But for what it’s worth, here are my random discoveries…

*As an actress, Carrie Underwood makes a great country singer.

*Speaking of Soul Surfer, it’s not quite as bad as I’d feared. I mean it is lame, hackneyed, shallow, etc., just not a total disaster.

*Speaking of water, I had a chance to hang out in a pool for the first time in years, and I can still swim. Only problem is I’m about the size of a minnow (but that’s not a new discovery).

*Alec Baldwin was really handsome thirty years ago.

*Collin Raye

*chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

*Fencing. Fighting. Torture. Poison. True love. Hate. Revenge. Giants. Hunters. Bad men. Good men. Beautifulest ladies. Snakes. Spiders. Beasts of all natures and descriptions. Pain. Death. Brave men. Coward men. Strongest men. Chases. Escapes. Lies. Truths. Passion. Miracles. (Actually, that’s not strictly accurate. I’d already discovered all that the first time I read The Princess Bride. I merely refreshed my memory. By the way, you absolutely must read the book even if you have already seen the movie.)

Good week. Good to be back. Oh by the way, I had been planning to post this video in honor of Reformation Day before deciding to take a hiatus, but as things fell out the day happened to slip by during my silent period. So here, a little belated, is my favorite singer singing a great hymn. Though to be perfectly honest, even though this is a great hymn, I personally don’t enjoy it as much as I enjoy some others, simply because it can get a little heavy and tiresome if sung over and over, particularly at a methodically leaden pace. But in Steve’s hands, it is pure gold:

And now, moving from the sublime to the ridiculous… in honor of Halloween, here’s a great spoof of the interrogation scene from The Dark Knight. Note: You should ONLY watch this if you’ve already seen The Dark Knight. It won’t be funny at all unless you’ve seen the movie. You won’t get it. Trust me. But if you have seen the movie, it will be hilarious.

One more thing… I was (almost) successful in my goal to avoid checking any of my regular blogs for updates! I once unthinkingly went to southerngospelblog, then couldn’t resist reading the interview with Tim Duncan. But that was it. I also glanced very briefly at a blog I hardly ever read anyway, and since there wasn’t actually anything new, I spent all of two seconds there. As you can tell, I’m very proud of myself. Pathetic, huh?


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Announcing a Short Hiatus and a Self-Challenge

Here’s the announcement: For a full week, I’m going to take a break from blogging.

But not only that, I’m challenging myself to abstain from even checking any of the blogs I regularly check for updates, or leaving comments there.

If you knew how much time I spend just going around to the many, many blogs and websites that I read, on all kinds of topics, you would know that this is going to be a bit of a challenge. But I think I just need to pull back. It really is its own kind of addiction, and even though I obviously plan to return to some kind of controlled pattern, I need to break away cold turkey for a limited time.

I actually had to think a little about how I would spend the spare time this will give me in the coming week. But it didn’t take long for ideas to start coming. Why, with all that time…

I could be spending time with my family…

Re-learning some of Bach’s two-part inventions…

Trying out a new recipe

Digitizing some cassette tapes…

Working on unfinished music videos…

Clearing out my inbox…

Clearing out my hard-drive…

Cleaning my room…

Re-reading The Princess Bride…

Sky diving…

Rocky mountain climbing…

Going two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu…

Okay, so part of that wasn’t original. (Hint: It was the part that started with sky diving.) Anyway, I will still be handling and responding to your comments this week, so don’t worry about a comment of yours sitting around in moderation for seven days.

See you in a week! Here’s a parting gift: Have you always loved U2’s music but secretly thought the lyrics were pretentious and Bono’s voice insufferable? Well okay, so maybe there are only two of you who fit that description, but I know I do at any rate. Well, enter Trace Bundy and Sungha Jung. Thanks to fridaynightrevival, I discovered this glorious cover of “With or Without You” (arranged by Jacques Stotzem, whose original is also worth watching). No lyrics! No singing! Just juicy acoustic goodness. I can’t believe six people disliked this on Youtube. Six people are idiots.

And I did a little digging of my own and found this Trace Bundy solo cover of “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Understand that I’m clueless about all things acoustic guitar, but all I know is dude can play, and he’s got some WICKED cool bells and whistles to make it swell and delay and do all kinds of stuff. Bask in the radiance with me:

Boy am I glad U2 recorded those songs so that Trace Bundy could cover them twenty-five years later.

Yeah, go ahead and stone me. Like I care.


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